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P2730364 BROWN WOOD RAIL Poza Honda aug 3 large file cropped

(Manabi Province, Ecuador) – Feb. 2021     Poza Honda’s Brown Wood Rail stepped onto the living stage and quickly diverted my attention and priorities.  I could paint or draw, read or write at any time, but how often does one get an opportunity to study such a fascinating species from the comfort of home base?    P2740216 header TWO BROWN WOOD RAILS Juveniles interacting 3 19 pm aug 5

As if all of the species conspired to captivate my days – and sometimes my nights – I easily adapted and paid attention to what they had to teach.   I will share those stories, one bird at a time!

This site covers not only the birds of Poza Honda but also birding possibilities in other areas of this province.   Portoviejo parks are showcased here, and more areas will be added when time allows.   

There is a section on this site with maps – for driving and also eBird Hotspots.    

Thanks to Birdwatching Magazine for featuring this Brown Wood Rail (Blessed with Birds) story and placing those beloved feathered friends into the hearts of many other kindred spirits around the world!

Thanks for tuning in!



Look fast and you’ll catch the wood rails… or the chickens or both!

P3140081 sept 27 6 45 am two brown wood rails and chickens

The public road, my ‘wide and easy trail,’
View from ‘Puffbird Curve’ after a nice day of birding.

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